Infor and SM Consulta presented software technologies and IT solutions for integrated management of business processes and resources.

On March 27, 2014. the global leader in solutions for business management – Infor Company it’s business partner SM Consulta held a business conference “Inforum 2014 Sofia | The IT solutions of 21st century”.

The event was designed for medium and large companies facing the challenge of making hard efforts for improving the efficiency of business processes and at the same time to manage effectively organization’s resources by using the latest software technologies.

The conference presented the new technologies of Infor for the business processes management in a unified corporate environment by using new mobile technologies and practices of social networks.

Special guests were Mrs. Gemma Fornes, business consultant for financial solutions at Infor and Mr. Denzil P. Murray-Lee, Performance Channel Manager at Infor. They demonstrated the abilities of Infor SunSystems to manage financial resources and they showed the specific software tools in analysing corporate performance with Infor EPM (Enterprise Performance Management).