SM Consulta implemented innovative e-learning software system in National Art Academy

SM Consulta signed a contract with the National Art Academy for “Supplying of specialized software platform” and for “Adaptation and implementation of software system for electronic form of distance learning” by Project BG051PO001- “Introduction of e-learning software as an integrated element of higher education carried out by the National Art Academy. “

E-learning system allows easy administration of content and can be used simultaneously by more than 2000 people! For the purposes of training all students uses multimedia materials and they have the opportunity to communicate, share knowledge, to make general assignments. The system allows to track the progress of learning process by online tests and exams, and each student receives evaluation for the shown performance.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the European Social Fund of the European Union Operational Program “Development of Human Resources”.

Let wish us a successful mutual cooperation!