Clients’ References

 Manpower Bulgaria

When we entered in Bulgarian market we had looked for business software that meets the highest corporate standards of Manpower.

In Epicor iScala we found a solution that simultaneously enables integration between financial reporting processes and the control of the corporate system. Te ERP system helped us to manage the business growth too.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM help us to optimize accountability and control in the company, the overall business process and to minimize all the activities of double data entry.

Georgi Kostadinov,
Financial Manager

Sredna Gora

Management Information System Epicor iScala enables us to fully comprehend and to structure the processes of manufacturing, logistics and financial operations in the company.

We use modules for production management and resource planning. We use bar code reading software solution, integrated with the iScala ERP through mobile devices which gives us flexibility of the working process and better resources management of the enterprise.

Paulina Pandova,
Financial Manager

ADM Bulgaria Trading

Epicor iScala system is invaluable for a company because it provides all the necessary tools for intensive work in the international market and is fully localized according to local requirements and regulations.

The system allows us to manage a wide range of dynamic parameters in the handling of grains and oilseeds.

Silvia Yordanova,
Financial Manager

Syngenta Bulgaria

The global corporation and leader in agribusiness Syngenta founded in 2008 its subsidiary in Bulgaria. From the outset of the operation of the company, Epicor iScala was integrated with corporate ERP system for planning purposes – to manage supply chain, sales and financial activities.

Epicor iScala ERP is essential for the realization of our main activities -trading operations in the country, prompt service of our numerous customers and effective communication with the central office and our foreign partners.

Syngenta Bulgaria is using and additionally created by SM Consulta applications for automated communication with trading partners and compliance reporting services according to our corporate standards. That help us to be more effective in our work and to give our best.

Iskren Ivanov,
Supply Chain Manager

Agrana Bulgaria

Agrana Bulgaria use Epicor iScala ERP system since 2007.

We choose a solution from the global leader that allows us to optimize costs and improve control and accountability.

With the system we significantly optimized our processes and improved intensive relationship with our customers.

Kalin Staykov,
IT Expert


Our production process is very dynamic with highly specific needs. Our main project objective was to optimise the resource sequences, to minimise the changeovers and to maximise the efficiency. The generation of the production schedule has to be automated to a higher extent. Preactor APS solution helps us to find the optimal balance between the changeover optimization and the due date performance.

The implementation of Preactor gives us increased visibility for scheduling and planning, the planners can easily see the current load and identify the late orders. In the meantime, we have the capacity to synchronize the delivery of the raw materials, to react to ad-hoc changes in the delivery terms in real time.

The investment in Preactor planning solution is successful as it achieves our goals. We have obtained a number of significant benefits which add value, increases ROI and gives us strong evidence in the strength of planning and scheduling solution software.

dipl. eng. Anatoli Dimitrov Chief, Executive Officer,
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dunav Press PLC

Implementation of the project helped “Danube Press” AD to significantly reduce operational time and costs in the enterprise by keeping electronic records of all transactions made. Key benefits of the project are:

  • Improved planning, reporting and control over the production process in the enterprise;
  • Optimization of supply chain planning and maintaining optimal stock;
  • Better planning of production capacity and workload optimization of resources;

Implementation of the project was marked by a high level of professionalism, ethics and honesty between the parties t fthe project. All assigned tasks have been done within the planned deadlines. 

Stefka Velikova,
Head of Information and Communication Technologies


As a result of the successful implementation of Infor ERP LN we observed significantly reducing the time of operating and operational costs. This is due to the availability of all electronic records in ERP system of all executed transactions. A great benefit for our company is a complete automation of the analysis, management and control processes of the company.

eng. Vesseslin Ivanov,
ERP Manager

Lesto Product

In Lesto products were made advisory services for adaptation and implementation of the integrated ERP system – Infor ERP LN. Through the software we execute:

  • Sales Management activities
  • Supply Chain Management – supply planning, control and security of all processes related to the purchase of necessary materials, facilities and other assets
  • Production Management – production planning, monitoring and reporting of production orders
  • Finance and Accounting – management of financial flows

As a result of successful implementation we are extremely pleased by SM Consulta’s provided services and recommend it as a reliable partner.

eng. Ivaylo Gladnishki,
General Manager

National Art Academy – University Management System project

The automated university information system helps to improve the quality of training and unification of databases concerning all processes in the NAA.

The main functions of the system are divided into separate modules that aim to improve the activity of the Academy, through the creation of a modern information environment for better management and administration activities.

Prof. Svetoslav Kokalov,
Rector of the National Art Academy

Vratsa Municipality

The integrated information system of SM Consulta has served us for project management and procurement and supports all the activities of the “Administrative legal activities” and “Protocol, administration of projects and international cooperation.” departments.

In the system is stored all the information for the execution of the projects and the performed procedures. All the activities for registration, reporting, analysis and monitoring of procurement are automated.

The main reasons we recommend SM Consulta as a reliable and competent partner in software projects is because of the high degree of responsibility and professionalism they showed through execution of the project.

Eng. Krasimira Georgieva,
Deputy Mayor of Vratsa

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works

The information system is used for managing of state property for maintenance of the Single e-Register via structured by date information on properties – state property and state property registration issued by the respective regional administrations and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.

Specifying the flow of information contributes to the standardization and unification of practices and criteria for treatment in state ownership. That promotes control over the process of document management and control over structuring of state property.

These data is summarized and analyzed for the needs of the state structures and stakeholders.

Todor Stoyanov,
Department Director “State Property”