Public, Municipal and State Administration

SM Consulta has developed IT solutions designed to automate and manage the activities performed by public, municipal and state administrations.

The scope of these activities includes:

1) Management of the processes of the organization, assignments and following the implementation of the contracts awarded under the Law on Public Procurement, acting in the Republic of Bulgaria;

2) Management procedures encountered in the implementation of operational programs

  • Information system finds its application in the public and municipal administrations; with counterparties governing public procurement procedures and Operational Programmes.

3) Property management:

  • Public, private and exclusive state property;
  • Public, private and municipal property;

4) Improve administrative management

The proposed solutions are incorporated and operate in a number of government departments and municipal companies. The solutions are suitable for use both large structures and municipal administrations throughout the country.

Developed by SM Consulta IT solutions are constantly updated and expanded their scope, depending on the specific needs of users and the emerging changes / additions arising from the legal requirements in the country.