The solutions offered by SM Consulta for service sector help customers begin deployment when they have the most aware of the need in order to add value to their business and to evolve over time, to provide additional opportunities for activity.

The result is faster turnaround time, less investment for maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership.

Provided solutions of SM Consulta:

1) Management Services:

  • Providing transparency in the provision of services
  • Manage pricing and customer segmentation
  • Continuous monitoring of security systems

2) Attracting and retaining clients:

  • Increasing efficiency of lead management activities in order to generate more potential customers
  • Adequate and quick response to customer needs
  • Sequence of commercial tactics / strategy with a view to long-term cooperation

3) Encouraging the growth

  • Depth analysis and unprecedented visibility of all aspects of the business enable to achieve operational excellence and lead to increased profitability and growth