Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Purpose and scope of software systems for managing customer relationships

The management of customer relationships (Customer Relationship Management,CRM) ) represents a software application through which business processes related to sales, marketing and advertising, servicing and maintenance of customer relationships are automated.

The philosophy of CRM systems is to facilitate and coordinate all actions which are taken in dealing with customers as the ultimate goal is to increase efficiency in sales and improve customer service. The power of CRM systems is to manage communication processes with customers (regardless of the channels of communication – phone calls, email, meetings, letters, faxes, etc.). In this regard, it must be mentioned that CRM systems can be considered as systems for managing relationships with partners. The scope facilitates not only the management of communication with customers but also with business partners such as:

  • Trading partners
  • Suppliers: public services, supplies, supply chain and others.
  • Subcontractors
  • All individuals and legal entities with whom the company has relationships.
  • CRM systems allow detailed documentation of the entire “life cycle” of the client. All communications of a company with customers regardless of department or point of contact are a source of information. Developing confidence in customers depends on the continuous and effective communication with the company. It is not only the collection of these data, but also their mainstreaming..
  • CRM systems manage and coordinate the activities of departments in the company, so they better collaborate on various tasks and projects. An important point is that systems of this type include all files of contracts, offers, protocols and others in a single file for each customer.
  • CRM systems also apply for planning, implementation and management of marketing campaigns.
  • CRM systems also monitor and manage the timing of events in order to pay this time by the customer or the purpose of optimizing the number of employees needed to perform the tasks.
  • Sales

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses the familiar MS Office interface and works with Outlook. Traders work in a familiar environment that is contributes to rapid adoption of the software. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the following features:

Automating business processes

  • Automating and reducing routine (manual) tasks, including foresight, bidding and generating leads.
  • Automatically get e-mails for any important sales activities;
  • The efficiency of the sales team – dealers reorganize work through workflow tools in the CRM system, leading to increased efficiency. Some of the functionalities include redirecting prospects, bidding, automatic e-mail notification of important events generated automatically scripting telephone to facilitate traders and subsequent analysis;
  • Management of sales database – for separate areas of sales management is performed measurement of sales by product and / or region. Built analyzes measure commercial activities correlate results and objectives and help to identify trends and potential opportunities.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM maintains a catalog of products / services (names, descriptions), discount schemes, helping to provide accurate bids;

Optimize marketing costs with tools to segment contacts, generate more leads and analyze the results!

  • Comprehensive planning of marketing campaigns – from defining the activities and tasks to the budgeting and planning of follow-up. Microsoft Dynamics CRM takes care of managing all of your marketing campaigns
  • Track sales and customer data – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sale and essential features for customer segmentation in order to obtain a complete picture of all potential customers, as well as the accompanying communication;
  • Integration of marketing and commercial processes – workflow of CRM system will automatically submit information about potential customers interested in the products offered to retailers;
  • After-sales service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the means to operate a service center, which helps to provide excellent service, reduce operating costs and boost customer retention:

  • Automate workflow – automatic e-mail notification for the creation and closure of service tasks contributes to better service.
  • A complete history of communication allows for timely and adequate reaction to service requests.