Infor ERP LN

Infor is the third largest company – provider of business applications and services, helping medium and large companies in various industries to improve the activity and growth.

Infor LN:

  • the best in this class global ERP solution that provides flexibility and fast return on value
  • developed based on over 25 years of manufacturing experience.
  • offers best-in-class management capabilities of global finance, supply chain, manufacturing, project management and lifecycle services.
  • allows the entire organization to use user experience of next generation

Infor LN combines rich functionality specialized for the industry, developed over many years in the best production companies in the world with high-performance technologies, including support for mobile devices and social networks.


  • Standardize processes using proven industry best practices

Infor LN solution provides best practices relating to the production, standardization of systems, information and processes – in a standard software product. While other ERP systems adopt universal approach to companies, Infor LN is a solution specifically designed for the purposes of the application of best practices in the industry – Industrial production equipment, automotive, high tech, aerospace and defense, distribution and service management. Infor LN meets the specific business requirements of standard equipment.

With the help of the best practices in Infor LN is not necessary to develop specific functionalities and can be used numerous innovations in the field. In addition, Infor LN adapts quickly to changing business needs, offering Infor Ming.le – a functionality that carries the message of social networks for ERP, helps users to collaborate quickly to solve any problem.
To meet the business needs outside the used ERP system, Infor ION is a new technology that connects Infor LN with many other applications that can handle any business problem.

  •  Excellence in the performance of operational tasks

Infor LN supports all critical business processes, but provides users with an experience that provides the necessary knowledge to tackle any business challenge.

  • Confidence in global financial transparency

With Infor LN can be obtained in real time integrated view of finance in the business, so as to predict financial outcomes with accuracy. There are tools for compliance with evolving international accounting standards such as US GAAP, IFRS and IAS. There is an opportunity to create financial statements that comply with standards such as XBRL and creating management reports to help make business decisions with confidence.

  • Creation of efficient and flexible supply chains.

Integrating network of suppliers with expanded opportunities for collaboration in the supply chain, which include stocks managed by the provider – vendor managed inventory (VMI), consigned, Kanban, just in time (JIT), and supply in line sequence (SILS) . Improving the performance of supply and lower costs for the supplies include ample opportunities for warehouse management and freight management areas, value-added services, cross docking and direct delivery of materials.

  • Leading manufacturing capabilities

Infor LN apply lean initiatives and control operations performed by subcontractors. Infor LN makes a smooth transition from make-to-stock (MTS) to a make-to-order (MTO) strategy for procurement and manufacture custom products according to actual demand of customers.
Provide a unique Infor’s expertise in the custom configuration – configure-to-order (CTO), assembling custom – assemble-to-order (ATO) and engineering custom – engineer-to-order (ETO). Provide functionality to configure products to meet individual customer requirements, the management of complex processes of strategies for assembling custom, custom engineering and manufacturing, project-based integrated design and engineering.

  • Manage complex projects.

Project management with complex contractual payment terms, lengthy implementation, specific quality requirements, as well as fees and penalties on the implementation of supply. Infor LN provides advanced capabilities for managing the project lifecycle, companies can integrate project management with management of clients; design and engineering; supply and delivery; manufacturing and logistics; maintenance, repair and maintenance (MRO); finances.
The product life cycle is managed and a complete cost transparency in all project activities into a single integrated system is achieved.

  • Service-oriented business model.

Many companies make the transition from product orientation to service-oriented business models. The quality of services is provided in Infor LN using advanced management capabilities of services including contracts for service, call center operations and repair functionalities in landfills.

  • Management of complex operations.

Infor LN offers architecture and a comprehensive support of multi-site and multi-companies, shared services between companies. The decision has localizations for 42 countries and support for multiple languages.

 four quadrants

• Aerospace and Defense
• Automotive
• Industrial machinery and equipment
• High tech and electronics
• Industrial production
• Distribution

Infor covers 12 major industries and offers micro-vertical functionality for managing business processes, eliminating the need for expensive customizations.

• 73,000 Customers
• 200+ countries and territories
• 19 of the 20 largest companies in the aerospace
• 10 of the top 10 high-tech companies
• 10 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies
• 20 of the 20 largest automotive suppliers