Preactor APS

Preactor International, part of the a Siemens Company, is a world leader in production planning and software solutions for scheduling and is used by a wide range of companies. Like a solutions for supply chain management, Preactor is frequently integrated with ERP, MES and offers a revolutionary technology that is used by more than 4,000 small, medium and large multinational companies located in 70 countries.

The current trends in manufacturing are towards lowering inventory levels in order to reduce costs at the same time and following a shorter time to meet customer demand.


Preactor provides integration with applications that are used for administration management, for example an ERP manufacture system.

  • Planners can react more quickly to changes – the software creates plans that synchronize all orders in seconds.
  • Planners can make more effective decisions – they can identify potential problems and eliminate them before they actually happen.
  • Companies can get better results systematically – better results in customer service, in reduceing inventory cost, reducing time and increasing productivity. By Preactor APS you are able to generate optimized schedules which are adaptive to changes and provides assurance of compliance with the promised delivery dates.

Preactor International offers a proven solution for planning of resources for the implementation of multinational projects.



Preactor solutions help in:

  • Creating accomplishable schedules for production that take into account the availability of equipment, labor, materials and other restrictions.
  • Balance between low levels of inventory, shorter lead times and good times for deliveries.
  • Understanding the impact of accidents, shortages of materials and issues related to human resources on the production process and ensure a rapid response to protect supplies to key customers.

A key element of Preactor is that decisions can be installed immediately in finished form, but also can be customized and configured when necessary, without compromising the main code. This is an important issue when it comes to future releases and technical support. Preactor is also intended to be able to integrate with other software solutions like ERP & MES systems, applications for data collection, forecasting, planning and demand solutions and ect.


Preactor APS applies in the following Industries:

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