SM Consulta developed specialized university information system (Uni-Soft) which is very adaptive to the dynamics educational programs of educational institutions.


Advantages of the information system:education

  • Manages, monitor and improve the overall learning process;
  • Uni-Soft provides effective IT environment for management and administrative activities;
  • Provides innovative tools for effective communication both between teachers and students, and with external institutions.



  • Planning, accomplishment, monitor and analysis of administrative and learning processes;
  • Establish uniform procedures for entering, storing, processing, search and display different information required for business processes;
  • Creation of a single electronic environment for managing business processes
  • Provide accurate information needed for assessing the quality of training activities
  • Management reports and analysis.



  • Data on users – students, phd students, teachers, partners;
  • Planning, organizing and managing the admission campaigns;
  • Planning and management of the learning process;
  • Administrative services to students – transcripts, printing of diplomas;
  • Hostel and scholarships campaigns management;
  • Working with the teachers;
  • Working with PhD students;
  • Management of projects and contracts;
  • Financial management;
  • Manage document flow processes;
  • Management analyzes;
  • Integration and interaction with e-learning systems and other systems.


education 2Uni-Software Applies in:

  • university education system
  • all kind of educational institutions