Caseware IDEA

CaseWare IDEA is a leading provider of software for analysis, audit data and uninterrupted monitoring.
CaseWare IDEA Inc. is a company for development and marketing of software which is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and R & D laboratory in Ottawa, Canada, regional sales centers in the US, Netherlands, China and more than 40 distribution partners serving  90 countries worldwide.
IDEA is a software for control and analysis of financial data of the company CaseWare IDEA. IDEA is used in over 60 countries, mainly from the financial, banking, insurance institutions and audit firms.


  • simplify work process – increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the audit process
  • contributes to consistency in audit and high performance.
  • adaptive – easily perceived by different groups of users – financial and internal auditors, bank employees, CFOs, system consultants, teachers, inspectors, statisticians and information technology professionals.

IDEA provides a structured framework for carrying out organized, efficient and reliable controls that meet or exceed professional standards. Via easy and comprehensive methodology every aspect of the analysis of data from importing raw data for reporting and sanctioning results is covered.


  • facilitates automating of the analysis and monitoring of data.
  • processing allows an unlimited amount of data in it at optimum performance time.
  • maintains a generator of reports and statements,
  • visualization of data in graphical form.