automatic systemsE-Administrative services of SM Consulta includes:


  • A software system for improving administrative management
  • Property management system
  • Procurement Management software solution
  • Buyer`s profile


Software system for improving administrative management

Modern administrations and related business processes face a number of challenges, the solution of which is vital for the efficient functioning of each institution.

Through the processes of modernization of the institutions and the introduction and use of new technology , more efficient inter-institutional communication between various departments, directorates and structures is achieved;

The necessity of cooperation and collaboration on projects of officials from various departments, directorates and structures has increased;

The software system for improving the administrative business processes and related documents is suitable for small, medium and large organizations from the public, municipal and private sectors.
The system automates and facilitates the management activities of the business processes and work with documents in accordance with the specific needs of organizations:
Advantages of the system:
The information system provides effective management of business processes, traceability, exchange of information, transparency and publicity. The system covers the entire business cycle and manages the related results. A feedback to the initiator of the process and its affiliates is performed timely.
Key features of the system:


  • Administration of business processes and related documents
  • Flexible and timely monitoring of statutory deadlines for targets and implementation of related individual cases.
  • Control the introduction and implementation of tasks
  • Automated process of structuring signature, enabling full administration process.
  • Automation of all activities of preserving, searching and tracking of files.
  • Overall optimization of the process of movement and processing workflow using built-in system features, allowing drafting various reports, depending on the need.



Software system for property management

  • public, private and exclusive state property
  • municipal property

The advantages of using property management system
The information system helps users to perform specific tasks in property management by automating the process and accompanying activities.

Users of information systems automate and unify all possible activities by electronic means for summarizing and analyzing the information needs of relevant state structures and stakeholders.
Key features of the information system for property management

  • Information System allows recording and processing all information regarding property, regardless of their type, in a unified database for maintaining a register of state property registration certificates issued by the competent national authorities.
  • The system supports structured data information of properties
  • The system is built and maintained in accordance with applicable law and regulations.
  • The system covers statutory legislation competence of public administration in terms of property state and municipal property
  • Provide complete and accurate information on state property and related acts
  • Summarizing data records for analysis
  • Flexible reporting tools and reports
  • There is an opportunity for the development of additional functionalities in accordance with the specifics of users.


Procurement Management software solution

The software automates and optimizes the overall management of public procurement in compliance with the requirements of the Public Procurement Act.

It covers the preparation and procurement, as well as follow-up management contracts, accountability and traceability of implementation in accordance with the requirements of the Public Procurement Act. For each contract to keep and maintain detailed information about the planned orders in the calendar year, conducted tendering procedures and selection of contractors, contracts, reporting on implementation and payments under contracts.

Advantages of the software:

  • Centralized storage of all information about procedures performed in public procurement;
  • Recording, reporting and analyzing activities related to the conduct of public procurement;
  • Providing of means for exercising control over the implementation of each of the procedures and the process of selecting a contractor of the contract;
  • Quickly and easily give analytically structured information on public procurement conducted;
  • Standardize the process of entering information on public procurement conducted;
  • Improving cooperation between the responsible departments involved in the conduct of procedures for the award of public contracts;
  • Facilitate the implementation of activities under the procurement and tracking procedures in time;
  • Automatic monitoring of deadlines for the return of guarantees for participation;
  • Automatic monitoring of deadlines for submission of information to the AP (information about contract, information for executed contract).


Buyer`s profile

The platform enables Public procurers to publish and maintain legally required information as part of its website or any other website, which is provided publicity.
The information is entered into the information management system for public procurement and contracts and automatically is published on the buyer`s profile of the Employer, each individual contract became an independent subsection representing electronic file a separate identification number and date of creation.
The information that is maintained in the buyer profile is as required by Art. 22b of the Law of Public Procurement.