Implementation and Localization

Implementation of software systems for overall management of all business processes

 In order to achieve maximum results in provided implementation services SM Consulta follows these steps:

  • Analysis of business processes – Collecting and analyzing information for the organization about the processes and relationships between them. The purpose is to achieve proper identification of customer needs and their implementation in the ERP system.
  • Design and construction of a prototype business model – Creating a working software system with real business data and implementing know how business logic in the software.
  • Setting up and Deployment – the process involves the migration of data into the information system. SM Consulta has an established methodology and tools for the transfer of existing data in a centralized and structured database.
  • Training of key users – Education of the key users about the business logic and process in software system. At this stage, users acquire knowledge, skills to maximize the benefits of working with the system.
  • Testing and Optimization – System testing of the provided software solution
  • System Support – Users of the system receives one year support and the opportunity to benefit from the latest versions of software products.